Two women I love to be with and cook for!!!!!! I only hope my food tastes as good good as theses ladies look...  #beautiful #tooperfect 



Happy dog

It's no surprise to anyone that know my wife and I that we are both huge Princess Bride fans, so it's also no surprise that we named our new dog after one of the main characters so with that said... Meet Princess Buttercup 



Nice weather

Once the temperature rises above I feel compelled to cook outside, something about the smells and sounds, the different textures and flavors you can get on a grill is something special! 



Spring time is coming...

For my money I don't care what any groundhog has to say, spring is around the corner when I see these little basterds in all the store, I know nothing about them is "good" but they're definitely a childhood favorite of mine and I always find myself having at least one every year. 



Good dinners with great people

As an only child and a latchkey kid it was hard for me to understand the importance of a great "sit down and shut up,...so.....what kind of day day did you have"...... dinner!?!???'..... My wife grew up with 5 younger siblings and loves it... And after 14 amazing years with her and of corse her great.... Big itilan famliy I've never looked back no matter if it's a good or bad day with her I would never give A single one back!

The power of the sun

Solar power is a great way to leave less of a footprint and I'm very happy that the St. Louis area is using much more in the recent years, that being said, when it's 90 degrees at 6 AM it may not be the best day to do a photo shoot in the middle of a solar field. Hot hot hot!