Nice weather

Once the temperature rises above I feel compelled to cook outside, something about the smells and sounds, the different textures and flavors you can get on a grill is something special! 



Spring time is coming...

For my money I don't care what any groundhog has to say, spring is around the corner when I see these little basterds in all the store, I know nothing about them is "good" but they're definitely a childhood favorite of mine and I always find myself having at least one every year. 



Good dinners with great people

As an only child and a latchkey kid it was hard for me to understand the importance of a great "sit down and shut up, kind of day day did you have"...... dinner!?!???'..... My wife grew up with 5 younger siblings and loves it... And after 14 amazing years with her and of corse her great.... Big itilan famliy I've never looked back no matter if it's a good or bad day with her I would never give A single one back!

The power of the sun

Solar power is a great way to leave less of a footprint and I'm very happy that the St. Louis area is using much more in the recent years, that being said, when it's 90 degrees at 6 AM it may not be the best day to do a photo shoot in the middle of a solar field. Hot hot hot!